What You Can Expect On Our Tours

  • This is the Caribbean - one of the most popular vacation destinations on the planet. Here you will be in countries with spectacular coastlines, intimate mangrove wetlands, thundering waterfalls, lush tropical rainforests and breathtakingly beautiful beaches - this truly is birding in paradise.

  • Freedom. Everyone is of course encouraged to come on all of the incredible excursions we will be going on, but there are some couples where one person is a very keen birder and the other a more relaxed birder . If this is the case, then you will always be given options. Go all out and join me on every adventure, or be selective and pick the trips you want to go on, and instead spend a day or half a day relaxing on the beach, soaking in the tropical sun. On our tours, we believe in giving you the freedom to do what you'd like.

  • A relaxed pace. We'll be operating these tours very much on "island time" so there will definitely be no rushing from one site to another.

  • Chatty, entertaining and personable tour leaders and local experts; the Bajan Birder being joined by such local birding phenoms as Dr. Birdy in Dominica and Vision in St.Lucia

  • Easily accessible prime birding sites which allow for terrific photo opportunities

  • An incredible variety of Caribbean, South American and North American bird species and a host of other wildlife (ranging in size from butterflies to whales)

....and what about when you're not birding

  • Minimal time spent in coaches. The small size of the islands dictates that average coach time between birding sites is 15-20 minutes - allowing for maximum time to be spent getting to know the wildlife that call these idyllic islands home

  • Short flights between islands - generally lasting between 35 and 40 minutes

  • The opportunity to stay in charming, highly recommended and locally run accommodation. As a proud native of this region, I want to give you every opportunity possible to experience the real Caribbean, with it's warm, friendly and hospitable people. Rather than visiting the island on a shore excursion from a cruise ship and returning to the ship every night, when you travel with Birding The Islands you get the opportunity to drift off to sleep to the rhythmic sounds of waves gently lapping against seashores, and wake to a different tropical dawn chorus on every island. By staying on the island we'll also be directly benefiting the local economy and livelihoods of the wonderful people we will meet.

  • Incredible food. Whether it be the French influence on St.Lucian cuisine or the East Asian influence on Trinidad's delicacies, each island promises to introduce your tastebuds to an unbelievable variety of flavours shaped by each country's unique cultural and historical influences.