Tour 3: Viva Cuba!

Tour Summary

The very impressive Cuban Trogon (photo© James Hanlon)

The very impressive Cuban Trogon (photo© James Hanlon)

Our journey will take us deep into the heart of Cuba's wetlands, forests and plains in search of the island's 25 endemic bird species and a multitude of other regionally indigenous wonders. As we travel between regions within this largest of Caribbean islands we will also get a glimpse of a Cuba which very few visitors are ever fortunate enough to see. The rural landscapes and sleepy villages are inhabited by a hard-working people who at the same time value the importance of a slow-paced lifestyle. The villages here very much remind me of those in rural Brazil - where would-be patrons of shops and bars often do not arrive by car, but rather by horseback - their steeds tethered outside while they purchase produce or pay a visit to a favourite watering hole/bar. It is an absolutely fascinating country, and one which we will explore in depth.

Tour Dates

November 18th - 28th 2019:  now accepting bookings for this tour. Please click here to learn how you can reserve your space on this tour or to request additional information about this tour.