Birding in the Caribbean is an incredible experience! Numerous endemics,  indigenous regional specialities, breathtaking scenery and glorious weather. Join us as we take you on a fabulous wildlife adventure through a tropical paradise.  

 The Bajan Birder

The Bajan Birder

My name is Ryan Chenery and I'm the Bajan Birder. Born and raised in Barbados I have spent the last 16 years leading hundreds of birders and photographers on incredible wildlife adventures in the West Indies and South America.

From 2017 I will be drawing on this experience to lead a series of Birding and Photography Tours across the phenomenally bio-diverse and breathtakingly beautiful islands of the Caribbean.

We'll explore rich mangroves, vast open grasslands, dynamic coastlines and lush tropical rainforests, each supporting a wondrous array of wildlife - from the smallest bird in the world (the minuscule Bee Hummingbird in Cuba) to the largest toothed whale on Earth (the majestic Sperm Whale in Dominica), along with a wealth of regionally indigenous species and critically endangered endemics.

Let me show you the many wonders of my home; let me take you to My Caribbean.