The Bajan Birder - Ryan Chenery

As a Professional Guide with the international organization BirdingPal, The Bajan Birder (AKA Ryan Chenery) has been leading birding tours in the Caribbean for over 15 years. Ryan has combined leading his birding excursions with a full-time career in conservation, during which he has been employed as Chief Naturalist and Eco-guide Manager at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary in Barbados,  Environmental Consultant for PAA Management Ltd, Field Research Assistant with Global Vision International in South America, and Volunteer Development Officer with the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)  at one of it's flagship reserves and  in the United Kingdom.

Those who know me know that I am always smiling, laughing and enjoying life, regardless of where I happen to be on this incredible planet of ours. But I believe that I am truly at my happiest when I am back home in the Caribbean. Journeying through these incredibly beautiful islands with their diverse ecosystems and wondrous array of spectacular wildlife, meeting new people, sharing birding tales and creating new ones; it just doesn’t get any better than this!!

The Bajan Birder


The other members of the Birding The Islands team

Katie Nethercoat - Wildlife Photographer

"With parents working for the RSPB and wildlife conservation I have always been lucky enough to be shown the natural world. With some families spending their summer holidays lying by a pool or draped in the sunlight on a beach, we spent ours in the African bush or in the pine forests of Canada searching for wildlife. By having these amazing opportunities from a young age, I was inspired by the many wonders of this planet and how much it has to offer us. 

 As a recent graduate of Falmouth University in BA (Hons) Marine and Natural History Photography, I have been able to use the craft of photography as a tool to educate and inform others about various species and habitats that are right on our doorstep. From the timid and docile Red Deer, the action packed and endearing life of a Peregrine Falcon to the secretive yet historical life of the European Bison, I have been able to travel and bare witness to just a taster, of what wildlife has to offer us".